Our key strength is minimizing your investment costs

Time Cost

When rebalancing your stock or ETF portfolios, do you still use Excel to calculate your buy and sell quantities?

ETFs are transacted as shares. To calculate buy/sell shares for rebalancing, it could take you from ten minutes up to an hour to calculate by hand. With Smart Rebalancing it takes seconds to calcuate.

Transaction Cost

Smart Rebalancing works with a powerful optimization engine.This can reduce the number of orders or the transaction amount, in order to minimize your total transaction costs for rebalancing.

Short-term capital gains tax

Smart Rebalancing can calculate against selling shares owned for a year or less to avoid short-term capital gain. If it must sell those shares for rebalancing, you will be notified for your confirmation.

More than just savings, Smart Rebalacing also:

  • Calculating the minimum required additional investment amount for rebalancing or constructing a portfolio.

Let's take a look at how Smart Rebalancing reduces your investment costs. In the following example you make regular investment of 1,000/month in a 9 stock portfolio.

* All the data calculated above is base on the assumptions and examples outline above and are only for your reference. Actual results will differ case by case.

* Please refer to our Blog for details about the calculation of investment costs.

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