Easy, efficiency and passive investment

Ownla LLC proudly presents i3DIY, a user-friendly and budget-conscious investment software dedicated to DIY investors.

i3DIY is a simple and intuitive software that allows DIY investors to secure their investment through passive portfolio management. The investors can adjust their own investment to risk diversification portfolio.

Ownla LLC is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

It's primary office in City of Industry, California.

Daniel Tsai
Daniel Tsai CEO

He has over a decade of experience in developing internet banking and wealth management systems for banks, securities firms and financial consultants. Millions of DIY investors and professionals have been using his software on investment management.

Our Principles

i3 is a software designed by Ownla llc to provide investors with their self-directed investing.
  • Investment is a science, all the investment advice that we provide is based on scientific calculations.
  • All of our income is derived from the customers who pay fees to use our system, our investment advice are on our customers' interest.
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