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Ownla is a SEC registered investment advisor. The principles of Ownla as following: Investment is a science, all the investment advice we provide is based on scientific calculations. All of our income is derived from the customers who pay fees to use our system, our investment advice are in our customers' interest.

i3 is an integrated portfolio processes system of Ownla that provides DIY investors with the simple tools, organized paths, and prompt notifications to manage their own investments and to diversify risk through passive asset allocation.

i3 provides the transactions for US stock listings, including cash, stocks, and ETFs.

We offer two methods to import your transactions.

  • Enter your user name, password and account number of your brokerage account. We will update your transaction details (supported brokerage) automatically.
  • Manually enter the initial inventory, buy and sell transactions. i3 can help your entry of cash dividends and stock splits and other transactions automatically.

I3 currently supports the automatic download of transaction details from the following brokers. TD Ameritrade, Fidelity Investments, Merrill Lynch, E*Trade, Charles Schwab and Vanguard.

Compared with other competitors, after asking customers a bunch of questions, they can't clearly explain how to give portfolio advice based on these questionnaires.

Based on past historical data, our portfolio's advice have 95% of probability of annual expected return will be higher than the loss you can accept, while at the same time pursuing the highest expected annual return for you.

We believe that the portfolio's advice should be directly linked to the losses that customers can afford.

An i3 user can't create more than one free plan.

An i3 user can create multiple standard plans at the annual fee of USD$69.

(See the differences between free and standard plan)

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